Valentine's Day


Hannah Vickery     Director 

Hannah Jade Vickery, Founder and Executive Producer of Ashes Artist Collective, is a film and stage actor, director, and producer who is inspired by work that questions, interrogates, and stimulates. She has a BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology from NYU Stern School of Business.She has had experience directing a full length play, The Love of the Nightingale, for Tisch Students’ Work and is overly excited to be directing Valentine’s Day. Her work as a director is driven creating pieces that accurately represent the human experience and allow audiences to immerse themselves reality of the characters’ lives. 

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Krishna Doodnauth     Writer 

Krishna Doodnauth is an NYC-based Asian American artist with roots in Toronto, Hong Kong, and Guyana. As a recent BFA graduate from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, he studied classical and contemporary theater at Stella Adler Studios as well as film and television at Stonestreet Studios. Krishna collaborated in “The World’s Most Boring Murder” at the Hudson Guild Theatre, Stella Adler’s production of  “Our Lady of 121st Street”, and frolicked in the Stella Adler Company Tour of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He is passionate about creating projects that unite different backgrounds with universal truths - including the experience of Asian American youth - through all forms of media.

"This film is for all the quitters out there." - Krishna Doodnauth, Writer





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Krishna Hoi Shui Doodnauth

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Simone Bhagat

Hannah Vickery

Krishna Hoi Shui Doodnauth

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Spoorthi Purumala

Following the anniversary of his father’s death, a young man finds himself in a place where he thought he wouldn't end up again: therapy.

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