Shrink, She Said, Shrink Again

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Executive Producer


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Script Supervisor

Isabel Ebeid

Simone Bhagat

Georgia Waehler

​Emory Kemph

Hannah Vickery

Simone Bhagat

Kyra Moskowitz

Nicole Rinaldi

Audrey Roh

Lindsey Raguette

Aya Faham

Sophia Wang

Tess Lamhaouar

Lucia Stephenson

Kyra Moskowitz

Writer and Director

Kyra Moskowitz (she/her) is an actor-writer-director. The first short she wrote was entitled The Type, and revolved around the weight-centric focus in the performing arts industry. She has also recently finished her first full-length play, "The Woman in the Waves," which explores sex, love, vulnerability, power dynamics, and how we cope, or fail to do so, as survivors of sexual trauma. Kyra began writing out of a desire to create work for herelf in roles in which she did not see herself represented. She wanted to create acting opportunities for herself and others like her. That has now blossomed into a love of creating work, and seeing the stories on the page come to life whether or not she is in front of the camera.


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Shrink, She Said, Shrink Again is the story of Bella, a plus size student, navigating her own relationship to weight and eating disorders, while under the influence of both her doctor's medical advise and also her friends' unconsciously negative body talk, steeped in diet culture and the eating disorder culture so prevalent amongst college students.

Behind the Scenes