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Girl of My Dreams was written and directed by Amelia Annen in the height of COVID in October 2020. This short was part of the Ashes First Wave Films and is being submitted to festivals as we speak!


Living With Us was written by Emma Stern and directed by Simone Bhagat in January 2021. Who doesn't love a female heavy cast?

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Mid-Shift was written and directed by Sasha Chasen during the dead of winter in 2021. Get ready to laugh with these ladies as they navigate the ups and downs of the mid shift!

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Shrink, She Said, Shrink Again was written and directed by Kyra Moskowitz. For this short we had an all female cast and crew - what an amazing and positive set!

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Valentine's Day was written by Krishna Doodnauth and directed by Hannah Jade Vickery. Grab your popcorn and tissues for this one and get ready to have your eyes glued to the screen!

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Walter and France was written and directed by Ben Wang in June 2021. Get ready to crack up and fall in love with this newly budded friendship!

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