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Xiwen Miao is an award winning Chicago based director born and raised in Hefei, China. She moved to the United States in her High School years, and has lived there ever since.

Growing up in an Eastern culture and being influenced by Western culture gives her a unique understanding of the relationship between society and individuals. Her global experience makes her extremely sensitive to the human condition and what makes us who we really are. Her films explore social issues and people's true nature, behind closed doors, and among the ones who love you the most.

She is currently completing her MFA in Directing at Columbia College Chicago. She recently finished her latest short film, Farewell Symphony, a story about a woman's journey, from defying her family's gender expectations and her migration to the United States to her life in America after her accomplished career as a professional cellist.

When she is not working you can find her walking around the city capturing stills of real life.

Xiwen Miao

Xiwen Miao

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