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Nicholas G. Sims (born September 24, 1998) is an American actor, rapper, poet, songwriter, and activist. He was born and raised in Mobile, AL with a very rigid upbringing. On the stage and on the big screen, Nicholas projects a powerful force that is almost impossible to disregard. Sims knew he wanted to entertain as young as four years old. He is a method actor in which he is very in sync with his feelings and impulses within his body. His approach to the craft comes from a very raw and spiritual place that makes his art very authentic for any audience. His middle name, Gerard, of course comes from his father and means "brave, hardy" in Germanic. He has spent some time training with world renowned acting teacher Larry Moss.

Sims was a highly recruited running back coming out of Murphy High School where he received multiple Division I offers. He eventually signed with The University of Toledo Rockets on February 1, 2017. As of December 2018 he transferred from the University of Toledo to Indiana State University to further his education and football career. Though he was heavily invested in football his true calling was within the arts whether it be in film or stage so he decided to walk away from the game early. Now he attends Morehouse College online where he is furthering his education by obtaining his BFA in Acting.

His mentor and Actor Cylk Cozart sparked his desire to take the next step and make it a career. So he started taking Drama at Murphy High School under the supervision of Haley Green, winning multiple monologue state competitions. Despite the success he was seeing within the craft he still chose to play ball. Though the craft came running back to him in full circle.

Nicholas G. Sims is one of the most diverse actors of this generation. His wide range will take him very far. He loves God, his family, and has a very servant heart.

Nicholas G. Sims

Nicholas G. Sims

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