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Ashes Artist Collective, founded by Hannah Jade Vickery and Simone Bhagat, was born out of the ashes of an unprecedented time for young artists and arts graduates.

We have created this collective to bring opportunity to our fellow entry-level entertainment professionals and to give them a platform for content creation. 

Cheers to 300+ Collective Members!

Ashes is building a database for artists to find like-minded, upcoming artists and the best new talent in New York and around the world. We connect multifaceted artists of different backgrounds and disciplines as they look to grow their network. We are creating a hub where we can promote young talent, from directors to designers, actors to editors, and give them a simple and accessible way to connect with each other.


Ashes produces in-house multimedia projects in ‘Waves’, to give resources and production opportunities to artists looking to grow their portfolio and reels. Our first wave consists of 6 original short films. We oversee pre to post production and offer talent a chance to work on and off set. We provide equipment, locations, COVID supplies and craft services to give artists in NYC the chance to gain production credits on original content.


Ashes develops premium content coming from the freshest and brightest minds in the industry. We welcome members to join our script swaps, virtual table reads and writing workshops to enhance writing talent and allow creatives to join writer’s rooms to share and receive feedback on their work.


Ashes distributes content for young artists to gain recognition for their work. Ashes distributes its in-house content for our writers and creative teams, applying and submitting projects to festivals or pitching pilots, screenplays and sample work to networks or streaming services.


The Ashes Executive teams consist of like-minded entry-level professionals looking to grow their resumés and support our company. We offer volunteer, freelance positions for young people to have creative and administrative control over roles in marketing, legal, finance, production coordination and more.



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