Girl of My Dreams

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Savannah Kovacs

Kathleen Salazar

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Simone Bhagat

Amelia Annen

Benjy Berkowitz

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Ethan Romaine

Andrew Lopez Ainza

Samuel Perez

Willa is the girl of Anne's Dreams, but Anne has a hard time knowing what's real and what's a dream.

Click Here to watch a one on one with our our Writer and Director Amelia Annen!

Amelia Annen

Writer and Director

Amelia Annen (Writer/Director) is a writer, actor, filmmaker, and comedian. She began acting in high school and her favorite roles include Marina in Uncle Vanya and Adult Woman in Spring Awakening both at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. As well, she wrote and performed her one-woman show, “This Feeling” at the Frigid Fringe Festival in January of 2020. She is president of NYU’s only variety comedy team Friends With Dads. She is also a member of Women Stand Up, a stand up collective created to educate womxn doing Stand Up for the first time. Her poem “You Remind Me of A Greta Gerwig Character” will appear in The Poeming Pigeon Pop Culture Issue this winter. She works to address themes of gender, sexuality, love, and violence in her writing.


"Love is exciting, sometimes it’s a nightmare, but we almost always remember it like a dream."

- Amelia Annen, Writer/Director

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